Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Royal Pains - Episode 4.04 - 4.07 - Episode Titles and Synopsis

Episode 4.04 - Dawn of the Med
Evan finds a brilliant scientist; Hank treats a young couple; Eddie wants to reunite his boys; Divya reconnects with her mother.

Episode 4.05 - You Give Love a Bad Name
Hank and Divya treat a matchmaker; Evan tries to rein in his staff; Paige plans a party; Boris works to protect his family.

Episode 4.06 - About Face
Hank Med treats a country club manager; Evan gets a business opportunity; Boris offers Hank a job; Divya makes a terrible discovery.

Episode 4.07 - Fools Russian
Hank attends a secret meeting in Manhattan; Evan and Jeremiah treat an Internet entrepreneur; Divya reconciles with her father.

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