Friday, October 28, 2011

Burn Notice, Chuck & Covert Affairs Spoilers!

Burn Notice, please! I was hearing not-so glowing reviews about the next new episode. Tat’s so disappointing! Make me feel better? — Micaela
I honestly think it depends on which side of the fence you fall. Fiona and Michael fans will have plenty of supportive boyfriend/girlfriend moments, including one where Fi tells Michael she wants to turn herself in to police. (Of course, Michael won’t hear any of that talk.) I thought it was sweet. My colleague who also checked out the episode? He thought it was a sappy mess. I think someone needs to get in touch with his feelings. Watch and tell me who’s right.

Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! — Sharon
Wait… as in Bass, Bartowski or E. Cheese? I’ll go with Bartowski since he could be having a tough time tonight — and I’m not talking about his lack of Intersect. But on that note, things won’t get any easier on that front either. By episode 2, Chuck and Co. are still having a tough time teaching Morgan all there is to learn about the great power he now possesses, and Morgan takes the criticism to heart. And after Chuck and his buddy botch an attempted heroic moment, let’s just say discussions are had. Meanwhile, over at the Buy More, an unlikely commercial star emerges: Captain Awesome!

What’s going on with Annie and Auggie on Covert Affairs? Are we ever going to see them getting together? — Alexis

The slow walk continues when the series returns Nov. 1, but while there are a few sweet moments between the two, they mostly revolve around Auggie helping Annie navigate life after a series of setbacks. In other words: business as usual. But what’s new? Annie finds herself having a sleepover at a chef’s apartment — but that’s before she learns of his shady past!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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