Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conrad Morgan's Racing Career Has Unusual Longevity

The following clip aired on our local Fox station. I am posting it here so more have the opportunity to find it and watch it. Enjoy!
Conrad Morgan is 63-years-old and still feeling the need for speed at Slinger Speedway on Sunday nights. He started racing at that track in 1966. "The older you get, it's a lot of work and the work catches up with you. The racing on Sunday nights and going up at 5 o'clock and going to my construction job Monday morning takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and it gets pretty hard," says Morgan. "But I love racing when I'm on the racetrack and it's really another world and I guess that's why I work to be able to do it every week." Rather than just ride it out, Morgan is actually a trail blazer. He's the only driver at Slinger running an electronic fuel injected engine regularly. It's cheaper than its counterparts and turns fewer rpm's, so it should last longer. "I really like the idea of fuel injection and the next generation of engines and it's coming. There's not a guy in these pits who would stand behind me and agree with me, but it's coming," says Morgan. In the cost conscious, sponsor-driven world of racing, the fact that Morgan can run on E85 gas is appealing, too.

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